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About Al-Mina Interiors

Setting Al-Mina Interiors apart, is our commitment to total customer satisfaction and strict adherence to completion & delivery schedules. No matter what the space, no matter what the need, we will define form to create business and working environments that are expressions of excellence. In today's world of rapidly increasing information processing, one of the essential components for a company's success is the office environemnt.

An elegant office atmosphere raises greater client confidence in an organisation, improves employee loyalty and a functional offices maximises individual productivity. Today, an office must be able to change size and shape at a moments notice. We guarantees you that you will always be able to adapt to change.

Al-Mina is designing interiors for corporate, MNCs, Builders, consturction companies, schools, colleges, software companies. Al-Mina has been established by Group of civil Engineers and contractors in march 1986 located in Bangalore. It is a professionally managed private limited company which has been in the field of interior design, architecture, consultancy services, project management, services integration and turnkey solutions for the 20 yrs.

Al-Mina Interior's team have been creating original interiors for their clients for a number of years. It will save your time and effort of searching out all the elements of your project - Our expertise means that the correct mateirals will be used for your individual project, so that the finished scheme is durable and practical as well as beautiful to look at.

Al-Mina Interiors does Carpentry, Painting, false ceiling, carpenting, venetians blinds, Aluminium fabrication and maintainence work throughout the year. Apart from maintainence, we are doing FRP doing point Exhaust ducts for exhaust line for fumes, also doing epoxy coating, ciba coating and epoxy coving.

Our one stop solution is ideal for clients who do not have the creative vision or time to travel from one shop to another co-ordinating paints, flooring, fabrics and furniture as well as organizing schedules for processional fitters in order to achieve that unique look/ image. Every little single detail can be attended to, from selection of suitable artwork and light fittings, down to the tableware and cushions.

Why 'Al-Mina Interiors'

Our company is professionally managed and well-established to add elegance to your style of lifestyle. We have expertise in interior designing and decoration that can easily give to your office or home well-rounded magnificence in respect of looks, feel, and living.

Interior designing and decoration is nothing but structuring, arranging, furnishing and decorating your place in such a way that it naturally offers you lavish spaciousness and convenience for various activities, comforting privacy, luxurious ease and comfort, celestial ambience, an rejuvenating gratification to your keen senses for luxury, architecute, trim and tidiness, enthralling aesthetics, and high-brow, sybartic lifestyles.

We are demanidng on the quality-not on the price. We offer affordability-not a copromise on choice. We dish our the best of the service- for a lifetime. Unbelievable? see for yourself.